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Jesse Scherer
Licensed Massage Therapist

What to Expect from Massage

If you have never had a massage or even if you have,  it's important to know what to expect when you are coming in for your first appointment.

First and most importantly, I want you to know that I give my all to each and every person and I approach each session with new eyes and the goal of helping to assist you to your highest level of health and wellness.

After the initial conversation and scheduling of your appointment, I will see you in one of my offices or at your home and offer you a one page intake form. After this is filled out we will have a short talk about the issues you may be having as well as any restrictions or pains you experience throughout the day.

I like to hear about any surgeries or illnesses so that I may better adapt the session just for you and be made aware of any contraindications (places we may not be able to utilize massage therapy).

. Photo credits: Photo by Tim HoranMy table is comfortable and I usually ask you to begin face down.  You may undress to whatever level is comfortable for you.

I use a lotion that is hypo-allergenic and you will be draped with a cotton sheet. I may or may not use a pillow for under your ankles, depending on your comfort.

We begin with some deep breathing to settle into the session and to help relax your muscles.

After a few minutes I palpate your muscles in an effort to see where we may need to pay more attention and work in a more focused manner.

I ask that you communicate if at any time the pressure is too deep or too light or uncomfortable in any way. As this is your session and it is of the highest importance that you feel comfortable.

I may see fit to work deeper in order to assist in the release of adhesions and restrictions, but this may not be comfortable for you... and this is more important, so I ask for you to relate anything that makes you less than at ease; e.g., the temperature of the room, the music selections, etc.

Additionally it is fine for you to ask for more work in one area if that is what you would like.

After the session is over I leave the room and at that time you can get dressed and we will meet outside and handle payments and make a new appointment. We can discuss any relevant details regarding your sessions and if something comes up later you are always welcome to call.

The day following the session it is common to be sore, especially when we work deeper . Do not worry about this, it will disappear within a day and leave you feeling more flexible and restriction free!

Remember to drink water and rest immediately following the session, even if only for ten minutes.

It is common for many changes to occur when you begin getting consistent attention through these sessions, so take time out to journal and make note of these positive changes by sharing them with friends and family and giving thanks.

I truly believe in Massage Therapy and its ability to help on the path to a more flexible, pain free and joyful life.

I think that once you begin getting regular Massage you will, too!  I look forward to working with you!

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Last updated:  September 18, 2015