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Jesse Scherer
Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone: 914.466.1517
Fax:     845.201.0124

  Mayan Abdominal Massage - Ixchel image adapted from
Mayan Abdominal Massage


On-location, Office and Chair Massage

Photo credits: We are available to meet the needs of most on location events such as film shoots, musical performances and sports events and benefits of all kinds.

Working with athletes, musicians, performers, backstage hands and all those involved in the specific events.

Additionally corporate massage is becoming more popular and we have been at the forefront of this very successful movement.

. Photo credits: It is easy to schedule a massage therapist to come in to have appointments with employees during breaks. The recipient is seated in a specially designed chair which allows the therapist to work on the back, neck, shoulders and arms addressing the common problem areas of today's workers, specifically the sites of repetitive use.There is no oil used and the worker is fully clothed. The massage session usually lasts 5--15 minutes, the time for a coffee break.

The cost of this type of service whether for office or on location events will vary and it would be best to call or email so that we can discuss the venue and the types of services and costs.

A study by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami found that after five weeks, a group of 26 employees who had twice-weekly, 15-minute massages in the office fared better than a control group of 24 employees who were just told to close their eyes and relax. The massaged group experienced reduced stress and improved performance, while the control group did not. Using electroencephalograms (EEG), researchers measured alpha and beta waves in both groups, and found massage recipients to be more alert. Stress hormones in the saliva of the massaged group were lower than in the control group. The massaged workers completed math problems in half the time as normal and with half the errors they had before they were massaged. The math skills of the control group did not improve. The massage recipients also said they were less fatigued and more clear-headed.

To make an appointment contact Jesse at 914.466.1517 or

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Last updated:  September 17, 2011