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Jesse Scherer
Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone: 914.466.1517
Fax:     845.201.0124

  Mayan Abdominal Massage - Ixchel image adapted from
Mayan Abdominal Massage


Now available:  The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage

Massage: Flexible Sessions for Every body! Designed for Health!

Massage isn't just a luxury.  It is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Jesse Scherer is a New York state Licensed Massage Therapist who has been in practice for over twenty years. Sourcing from this experience and a thorough understanding of Anatomy and Physiology,  Jesse delivers a session based on the clients individualized needs. Offering sessions that specifically address injury rehabilitation, muscular stagnation, flexibility issues, and joint stiffness due to lyme disease and other chronic illness, as well as relaxation and restorative massage.  Utilizing Neuromuscular therapy and other Specific Deep Tissue techniques, with strength and precision Jesse supports the bodies natural inclination to move from a place of strain, stiffness and fatigue to its preferred state of flexibility, suppleness and integrity.

With Convenient office locations in the Hudson Valley, appointments are easy to get to and parking is plentiful.

Available for Home visits, on-location massage for Sports events, films, touring and recording. Jesse works in NYC and the Hudson Valley, as well as parts of Connecticut, Westchester and Long Island.

Catskill Mountain Massage Therapy has access to some of the best therapists in the area, and will travel to your location to best serve you and your needs and who can work together to meet the needs of the event. Each therapist is well educated seasoned and possesses strong skills and wise hands.

To make an appointment contact Jesse at 914.466.1517 or

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About Jesse

Jesse Scherer LMT graduated from the Florida School of Massage and later advanced her studies in Massage Therapy and a wide variety of new modalities at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany. In addition she is trained in Harmonyum 2 and 3, Polarity, Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage ™, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Medical Massage as well as many Spa treatments including including Hot Stones and Hot towel massage, Salt glows and Body wraps.

Jesse is New York State licensed, insured and in practice in offices

Jesse finds great meaning in the work she does and therefore is able to translate that essential strength and healing into her sessions.

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These are websites for places I have received my massage training.
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On-location Chair Massage  [More information about On-location Chair Massage] 

We offer Chair Massage as well as on-location Massage Therapy.

Chair massage is fast becoming a popular way to introduce people to the benefits of massage therapy as well as serve as an effective aspect to corporate Wellness programs.

We are available to come to your office at a specified time offering 5-30 minute sessions for employees and staff. This can be arranged weekly or monthly and is an excellent way to boost energy effectiveness and to encourage a stress free work environment. As well as helping to curtail repetitive stress injuries (RSI) which are quite common on the job!

Rates are based on time and location.

Our On-location Massage Therapy Services are utilized for Sports events as well as Filming and Production locations, where a table or chair can be brought to the place of production and sessions can be performed through out the day. This type of service is also popular for musical events and benefits of all kinds.

Please contact us to develop a plan that works well and to get the rates and details and well as a thorough reference list .

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